RLTC-DW Labeling Machine

Race Label Taper & Double Wide Capable

The Race Label Double Wide machine is 2 machines in one. It is designed for companies that have front and back labels on different rolls. It also allows companies to label 2 different labels for the same size container on the same machine. This machine can also be used to label one very tall label up to 12″.

  • Front and back labels on different rolls
  • Allows companies to switch out front label and keep universal back label
  • Similar to two RL-1 machines side by side
  • Less expensive than 2 RL-1’s (almost a $700.00 discount)
  • Capable of handling 1 extremely tall labels – up to 12″ tall


Examples of bottles for our Model rltc-dw

Race Label Taper and Double Wide Capacity


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