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The Story of Race Label Razor

The first Race Labeling machine was designed for use in our own food company, Crown Jewel Gourmet. After procuring a large order for a nationwide gourmet products store, we started out as many companies do by hand labeling. Hundreds of labels and PVC containers were wasted in our initial production run. The labeling process was the slowest part of our production line and 3 or more people could not keep up with our conveyors. It was also the least popular job position with our employees.

We began the tedious search for an affordable semi-automatic labeling machine. These machines were slow, difficult to thread, wasted labels every time the roll stock needed to be changed and were very expensive. They also had electrical parts that were costly and unreliable.

After numerous designs and testing in our own company, we put the first machine onto our production line. We built another machine for our own use. Several food manufacturer’s in New Mexico saw the machines and asked if we could build one for them. Our first machines were sold to a candle company, a winery and a local popular restaurant “El Pinto“. El Pinto labeled over 650,000 salsa jars the first year they had the machine. From our small manual labeling machine, they purchased an in-line machine costing several thousand dollars.

The RL-1 was patented over 7 years ago. We have since sold machines all over the world, including the Heineken® Museum in Amsterdam. Take a look at some of the applications our machines are used for. In many cases, our labeling machines were customized to label products that no other machine could label.

  • El Pinto – one of our first machines sold labeled over 650,000 bottles in 1 year before automating
  • Wine & Craft Beer bottles – round from splits up to 3 liter
  • Tapered Bottles – Ports, bordeaux, cosmetic, olive oil, jams and jellies (please call, we can work with your label printer to help you when printing your labels for tapered bottles)
  • Automotive Products – polishes, oils, grease in 12″ tall tubes, sprays
  • Camping Mats – the company purchased 8 machines to apply a 10″ tall label to 28″ tall mats
  • “Soft” Square Tapered Spirit Bottles – Customized RLTC-SP for tall heavy glass bottles
  • Oval containers – spray bottles, pet shampoos, hand lotions
  • Candles, Soap & Homeopathic Products – soaps, candles, lip balms, small glass oils, plastic vitamin jars gallon containers of shampoos and many others

Our machines are virtually indestructable. We have even rebuilt machines that have been in devastating fires. Since they do not require electricity, there are no costly parts to replace and can be used in any country. They also do not rust making our machines very popular in extreme climates.


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