Our Labeling Machines

At Race Labeling Concepts, we have designed a line of affordable manual labeling machines to accommodate all of your labeling needs. Whether you require a bottle label applicator for your Mexican salsa or you need a manual label applicator to apply your wine bottle labels, we will help you determine which of our labeling machines can best increase the efficiency of your printing run.

At Race Labeling Concepts, we have spent over 20 years fine-tuning our product line to ensure that our products cover all of the bases. As a result, our labeling machines provide accurate, fast, and straight label application for every type of bottle or container. Our machines include:

Race Label Junior

Race Label Junior – RaceJR

The Race Label Junior is the smallest, lightest, and least expensive in the Race line of label applicators and has been the right choice for many companies in need of labeling smaller bottles or containers. The Race Label Junior has an optional attachment for very small vials and lip balms and a separate attachment for smaller, odd-shaped and square bottles.

USES: Lip balms, essential oil vials, plastic bullet bottles used for soaps, lotions, hot sauces, and salad dressings.


Race Label Taper & Double Wide Capable – RLTC-DW

The RLTC-DW labeling machine makes it easy to label bottles and containers that require front and back labels. Rather than doing two print runs, the RLTC-DW makes it possible for you to apply front and back labels on different rolls at the same time.

USES: Products with front and back labels.


Race Label Taper Capable – RLTC

Our RLTC labeling machine is ideal for labeling containers with a slight or significant taper. This machine makes it easy to label bottles that otherwise would require a much more expensive labeling machine.


Great for Unique Bottles & Labels – RLTC-SP

The RLTC-SP is our Race Taper Capable machine with an optional attachment called a “Spring Plate”. This allows you to label squares, flats, ovals, small boxes, soap bars and many other non-cylindrical containers. It can also label straight cylindrical and tapered cylindrical containers. It can also be customized to accommodate the most difficult and unique containers. If you have a unique container or label, we will happy to customize the machine when possible.

USES: Anything round (cylindrical). This machine is also uniquely adjustable to accommodate tapered rounds, including tapered wine and spirit bottles. The optional Race Spring Plate allows you to accurately label square bottles (such as olive oil bottles) and oval containers (such as plastic shampoo and lotion bottles).


Race Label Standard – RL-1

Our standard labeling machine is easy to operate, precise, and affordable. This machine is available in a wide format for extra large labels and very tall containers.

USES: Anything round (cylindrical) from 1″³ (25.4 mm) in diameter to 8″³ (203.2 mm) in diameter, including wine and beer bottles, spirit bottles (whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, etc.), water bottles, juice bottles, lotion containers, and sauce bottles.

Race Label Razer

Race Label Razor – RLRZ

The RLRZ is very light, easy to thread, and produces accurate results quickly. A unique feature of this machine is that it is capable of working with many different labeling formats, including roll stock of any core size, labels in a fan-folded stack, or labels streaming directly out of a printer. It is ideal for labeling small quantities or short runs.

USES: Wine bottles and bottles with front and back labels alternating on the same roll.

Race Label - Model RL-RRC

Race Label – RL-RRC

The main-frame constructed of U.S. made Kaiser aluminum anodized in “Cyclone” red which makes the machine very durable and prevents rust. A 2 year warranty is available with each machine.

Contact our friendly professionals at Race Labeling Concepts to learn the most efficient way to label your product. With over 20 years of labeling experience, we can help you determine what type of labeling machine you need for straight, precise, and quick label application.

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