RL-TC Labeling Machine


One of our most popular machine is the RL-TC – the Race Label Taper Capable. The RL-TC was specifically designed to label Tapered Bottles, & containers, such as a Bordeaux ,Burgundy & Champagne style bottle. Tapered bottles, whether a slight taper or a radical taper can be difficult to label, but we have designed a specialized label application machine that will apply your labels effortlessly. The RL-TC not only handles tapered bottle applications but will also label straight cylindrical bottles & containers. Also available in a WIDE FORMAT, the RLTC-W is used for taller tapered bottles and labels for web width up to 12½”.

The Lip Balm and Small Vial attachment option are available for small vials, tubes, tins, & lip balms ranging from ½” up to 1 ½” in diameter. 


  • For use with Tapered or Straight cylindrical bottles & containers.
  • Bottle or container size 1½” up to 10” in diameter.
  • Web width (label height) 6 ½”
  • Roll diameter 12” maximum
  • Label orientation – Unwind direction #3 or #4 (Right edge or left edge leading)
  • Capable of applying single or front & back labels (alternating on the same roll).
  • Constructed of ¼” AMAG® Plate aluminum on the main frame. Other materials include polypropylene, ABS plastic, phenolic, brass, and stainless steel (every Roller shaft, nut and bolt)
  • Approximate speed is 10 to 15 containers per minute for single label and 6 to 8 for front & back.Please note – Speed can vary in difficulty of label application & user expertise.
  • Anodized in Orange
  • Available for an additional cost- Lip Balm/ Small vial Attachment, RLTC-W,& RLTC-W

Is This Labeler Right For Your Job?

Race Labeling Concepts encourages you to call in to discuss your labeling needs in detail! Call 800-653-9357 or 505-239-5847 today! Or, enter your information below and upload a picture of your bottle and we will help you find the right labeler for your job. 

Video Overview

In this video of the Race Label Taper Capable (RL-TC) we are applying a full wrapping label to 2 different styles of plastic bottles. The bottles are straight-cylindrical with a slight taper which can be a little difficult to label. The RL-TC easily applies the labels with spot on perfection leaving absolutely no bubbles or wrinkles.

This is the Race Label Taper Capable applying front and back labels using the gap guide. This unique bottle is tapered and has a fluted base. The gap guide is used for setting the gap between the two labels with absolute accuracy.

This is a video of the RL-TC ( Race Label Taper Capable) applying front and back labels to a radically tapered small sparkling wine bottle. The machine can easily apply these labels at a speed of 8 per minute depending on the operator. There are no bubbles or creases in the labels.

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Our “Bumper to Bumper” Warranty

Race Labeling Concepts guarantees all of our label application machines for 2 years against any failure caused by any defective part or by any defect in our workmanship. This guarantee is “bumper to bumper“. We will replace any defective part free of charge and will fix any malfunction caused by us, on any machine, free of charge. We do not warranty our machines against abuse, misuse or accidental breakage.

Race Labeling Concepts also offers a 30 day warranty on the performance of the machine. If at the end of 30 days you are not satisfied with the machine or if we have misrepresented the machine’s capabilities in any way, you may return it for a full refund, providing it is returned in its’ original box and is in its’ original condition.


  • We here at Roberto’s Salsas & Sauces invested in a Race Label Machine several years ago and still use that same machine today. It has proven to be a very durable, dependable and adaptable labeler throughout the years serving as a wonderful timesaver versus hand applying labels to our various jarred products. Probably the best thing about this labeler that we like is that it simply doesn’t break down, one of the best investments we’ve made for our company by far!

    Doug Watterson Watterson Foods
  • I purchased the RL- RZ in 2010 and have used it for several labelings of wine bottles. It has been a superb machine and has made the job of labeling a snap. In 2012 we purchased tapered bottles. Unfortunately, the RL-RZ does not do tapered bottles. I called Marc Moore to explain our dilemma and he volunteered to send me the RLTC machine and allowed me to use it free of charge for this bottling run. Such outstanding customer service is very rare these days. We now know that Race Labeling Concepts not only sells high-quality products but also takes outstanding care of its customers.

    Doug Hovde Desert Sun Vineyards
  • For more than ten years I’ve been using a race label machine at my winery. It’s done a great job on all my bottles – over 250,000 of them. It’s fast and easy to use and I’ve never had a problem with it. I am pretty sure it’s going to outlast me.

    James Eames Cellars